Who Are Emma & Duncan?

Emma & Duncan Hiking

Hiking at Ruckle Park on Salt Spring Island

Well, we’re originally from England. Duncan is a ‘Northerner’ from Manchester and Emma is from The New Forest in the South of England.

We both went to university, graduated, went to work for big companies, moved around a bit and then met at work in 1997. We got married in 2002, moved from suburbia to a commuter town and traveled (1.5 hours each way) to work in the City of London, England every day for 5 years.

After years of dealing with the long commute, unreliable transport system, busy city and giving our lives to our jobs we decided to move to Vancouver, Canada – for a better quality of life. Well, it was the same trap. I started a business (Simplicity Life Coaching Ltd.) and Duncan went back to work. The commute may have been less, and for me at least – the work more meaningful – but somehow this STILL wasn’t it. We still never seemed to have enough TIME. We wanted more space, more peace and quiet, more nature, more community, more fun and more time to do what we love.

And so we visited Salt Spring Island for a long weekend  in February in 2006. There was rain, snow and a windstorm that knocked the power out (which meant we had no water – the B&B had an electric-powered well), and that was it – we fell in love with Salt Spring. It was that weekend that we began our move to Salt Spring – even if only in our heads.

Several visits to Salt Spring later, we bought 5 acres with a vacation cottage on it (now our home) in April 2007 and moved to Salt Spring full-time in May 2008.

Since moving to Salt Spring we have been busy renovating our home, we have built and finished the Cosy Woodpecker Cottage, pulled out lots of invasive brambles, thistles and broom, grown lots of food and got involved in the community.

Emma has created The Coaching Tools Company.com (for coaches) and a brand new online business Life Coach on the Go! chock full of bite-sized wisdom for busy people like you.

Duncan runs Salt Spring Online Services, and we also own and operate SaltSpringMarket.com which aims to help visitors find everything they need to know about Salt Spring Island .

So hopefully you’ll forgive us if our blog Life on Salt Spring doesn’t get updated too often…

So, now after several years on Salt Spring Island we’re finally very happy to be running Cosy Woodpecker Cottage B&B!

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Duncan & Emma

Cosy Woodpecker Cottage Bed and Breakfast