Take a Video Tour with a Guest of Our Salt Spring Cottage


We always love to get comments and feedback from our guests, so imagine how pleased we were to find that one of our lovely summer visitors had made a video tour of the cottage.  Why not take a look around with them and see what they have to say about our Salt Spring Island Accommodation.

Take a Tour with Western Splendour Tour Company

Salt Spring Island Tours - Wester Splendour Tour CompanyJoin our local guides in a small group setting for a unique tour of Salt Spring’s best attractions. We are dedicated to showcasing all that Salt Spring Island has to offer, from its beautiful mountains, parks, and beaches to its thriving artistic and agricultural community. We offer a range of tour packages that involve: guided nature walks and hikes for all levels, gourmet picnics at scenic viewpoints, visits to the Saturday Market, stop-offs at local artists, cheesemakers, vineyards, breweries, and farms, walking tours of Ganges, talks on Island history and culture, and many many other highlights on and off the beaten track. Our focus is to provide our guests with a unique and fun experience of the Island that is based on local knowledge in a relaxed, small group setting of between 2 and 6 people. Our 6 passenger van is very comfortable, and equipped with air conditioning for hot summer days. Let our local guides show you their Salt Spring.

Phone: (778)354-1058
Email: info@toursaltspring.com
Website: http://www.toursaltspring.com

When is a hummingbird feeder not a hummingbird feeder?


When its a sap-sucker feeder!  As you know we called our Salt Spring cottage Cosy Woodpecker for a reason – because we see all of our native woodpeckers around the property.  However normally we only see the sap sucker fairly infrequently – in the winter when its cold.  They tend to hang out at higher elevations but when the temperature drops the sap in the trees up there gets too hard, and the red-headed sap-sucker is unable to live up to their name.  And so they come down to lower levels and we see them pecking at our trees.

So we were surprised to hear the distinctive peeeep in the garden and see the sap-sucker on our nut feeder.  But we were even more surprised to see it hanging from the hummingbird feeder.    Then we realized – we often complain about having to clean the ants out of the feeder – they just can’t resist that sticky sugar solution and soon find their way down the pole and into the feeder.  But now the sap-sucker is cleaning it for us – hanging off the feeder snacking on the (probably sugar coated) ants – yum!

So if you have a problem with ants in your humming bird feeder – just recruit a friendly local sap-sucker.

And if you want to come and see ours we would love to see you at our Salt Spring Island Accommodation – Cosy Woodpecker Cottage!

Give us this day...

Fresh bread as part of our Breakfast at our B&B AccommodationThanks to a the recommendation of a good friend I have been converted to the ways of the River Cottage Bread Handbook – excellent theory and practise of making bread, easy recipes and great advice.  I have learned the ‘bakers ratios’, how to tell if the dough needs a bit more kneading and probably most impressively the secret of the oven spring (basically cranking the oven as high as it will go for the first 10 mins of baking to get even better rise….)

Anyway I hope this bread tastes as good as it looks – I am hoping to be able to make this part of our Salt Spring breakfast at Cosy Woodpecker Cottage in 2013…so if you love good bread, come and visit!

Visit Black Sheep Books

The bookshop has two floors of fine contemporary used and antiquarian books in all categories, but especially fine literature and contemporary fiction, children, First Nations, nature, art, architecture, Africa, and maritime books. The shop is located on the harbour in the heart of one of Canada’s tourist hotspots, the west coast Gulf Islands.

115 Fulford Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2T9

(250) 538-0025


Pileated Woodpecker

Pileated woodpecker at Cosy Woodpecker Cottage B&BThis is the famous ‘woody woodpecker’ with a spectacular red head and unmistakable ‘laugh’.  A regular in the garden and on the bird feeder.

Seaside Restaurant

The Seaside Restaurant is located in Vesuvius Bay next to the Vesuvius Ferry Terminal and is the place to go for fish and chips (and more).

Serving fresh local seafood, including Halibut, Salt Spring Island Mussels and Fanny Bay Oysters. Also salads, homemade burgers, pastas, steaks and local produce. Open year round for lunch and dinner with a south west view of the calm waters of Samson Narrows – the licensed deck is a great place to capture the sunset.

They also have a to go window in the summer if you want to grab take away and head to the beech, and they will take orders over the phone.  My advice is unless you want to go and eat elsewhere then eat in the restaurant or on the deck and let someone else take care of the clearing up – its doesn’t cost any more that the take out, and they have a good selection of wine and draft beer.

Whist it seems a little pricey for take out fish and chips (hence the advice above) we always enjoy going to the Seaside Restaurant – the food is always fresh and the staff are very welcoming.


795 Vesuvius Bay Road

250 537-2249

Doggus Oafus

If you come to stay with us at Cosy Woodpecker Cottage B&B you are very likely to see this species – otherwise know as Dexter.  Probably heading towards you with his tail spinning round and round in excitement at greeting some new guests.  In case you haven’t guessed Dexter is our friendly, waggy dog.  He loves people and is lots of fun, but if you have any dog-related fears please let us know in advance.

Some of his favorite activities are walking, running, sniffing, wildlife (usually trying to chase it) and playing.

If you want to bring your own dog to stay and play with Dexter please contact us – we allow dogs in the cottage by advanced agreement only.

Sapsucker (woodpecker)

Whilst it might seem strange to hope for cold weather when you are on vacation, you will need to come in the winter if you want to see this red-headed woodpecker.  Normally it lives at higher elevations but when the temperature gets down below freezing it has to come lower down to find sap.

As their name implies, sapsuckers feed primarily on the sap of trees, moving among different tree and shrub species on a seasonal basis. Insects, especially those attracted to the sweet sap exuding from sap holes, are often captured and fed to the young during the breeding season.  Look out for its characteristic pattern of little holes in tree trunks around the property.


Northern Flicker (Woodpecker)

As big as the pileated but without the red crest, the flicker is also a regular visitor.