A downtown bistro with great views overlooking the harbour – outside seating is available.  We have had friends give favourable comments on Calvins, and other reviews seem largely good.  Our own experience here was of good food but a lack of atmosphere and we haven’t been back since to check.

We will go again for an update so my suggestion would be if you like the look of the menu give them a try – and feel free to leave a comment here to let us know.


133 Lower Ganges Road

Express Sushi To Go

Express Sushi To Go Salt SpringIts a tiny shop, but we love the staff and the food.  Great Sushi – we like the dragon roll – oh and the one with the cream cheese (and all the others as well!)  If you fancy sushi and are OK with take out (there is only a very small counter inside which is fine for quick miso whilst waiting) I would go here.   The party trays seem like good value, allthough I would also encourage tying some of the other rolls.

Once we turned up just before closing as they were locking the door – and they instantly opened up for us and were super-friendly.  That’s what I call good service (not to mention good business)


102-170 Fulford Ganges Road

Raven Street Market Cafe

Up near the Fernwood dock you can enjoy a great pizza fresh from the wood fired oven as well as a range of other food.  Its great to have a restaurant up on this end of the island and you can take a stroll along the Fernwood Dock or on the beach is the tide is out.

We have had great pizza here in the past – the last time we had one it was average, but go check it out for yourself.

(250) 537-2273

321 Fernwood Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1C3

Harlan's Chocolates and Gelate

Harlan's Chocolates and Gelato

Have a sorbetto or gelato in downtown Ganges.  Load of flavours – get a loyalty card if you are planning to visit often!  Also a range of handmade chocolates, licorice and other confections as well as gelato to go – ideal for a potluck, dinner party or just for a treat at home.  There is also a large range of other confections, postcards and gift ideas.

100 Lower Ganges Road.

Salt Spring Coffee Company's

If you want coffee on Salt Spring, maybe the Salt Spring Coffee company would be a good start!  Unfortunately the coffee isn’t roasted on Salt Spring any more – there is a whole story there and this isn’t the place to tell it

Coffee, tea sandwiches, cookies and cakes are all available, along with WiFi access.  Seems to be a bit of a rent-an-office for a lot of people and there are certainly some interested characters in here usually.

McPhillips Avenue in downtown Ganges.

Rock Salt Cafe

Rock Salt Cafe Salt SpringFor lunch or dinner in Fulford Harbour, or a great place to grab a coffee and a treat while you are waiting for the ferry.  Rock Salt has a good menu with lots of choices and has a nice open feel inside with views out over the water.  Also one of the best range of gluten free meals I have seen and a kids menu.  The coffee shop is also good with a range of savory and sweet snacks and very friendly staff to help you our.

The food we have had here has been very good – we have found the service to be variable, although we haven’t been to eat in for quite a while

2921 Fulford Ganges Road

Hastings House

Hastings House Salt SpringFour Diamond Zagat rated fine dining in a reproduction English country house.  The grounds and food garden are lovely and the house is very authentic inside and out.  There is a great feel as you walk in and you can always stroll round outside with a G&T on a sunny day.  Hastings House also hosts and organizes a number of food and wine related events throughout the year – check the website.

We have been here once for super-posh dining.  The food was good and excellently presented,  but it was very empty (just us and one other table in a very large space) which made it feel a little uncomfortable.  One of the smaller rooms might have been more appropriate on a quiet evening.  We will no-doubt go back at some point when we are feeling suitably wealthy…


160 Upper Ganges Road

House Piccolo

House Piccolo Salt SpringAward wining food and wines in a cosy heritage building.  The building is cute from the outside and cosy inside, with a couple of main spaces – one at the front and one tucked round the side.  The staff are always very friendly and knowledgeable about the food, and the wine recommendations have always been excellent.

This is our top choice for Posher dining on Salt Spring Islandwhilst the interior isn’t as high end as some, we love the cosy atmosphere and friendly staff.  We have been here several times and have never been disappointed with our choice.

Given the sized I would check for availability and make a reservation just to make sure.


108 Hereford Avenue


Barb's Buns

Barb's Buns Salt Spring

Barbs has a full service restaurant and a coffee shop so the choice is yours.  There is a good range of items on the menu – great for brunch or lunch.  Or grab something from the coffee shop and sit outside.   We particularly appreciate the fact that we can sit outside with our dog.

The building is interesting as well with a light open feel inside.  There also seems to be a stage at one end, and it seems a shame that Barbs isn’t open in the evening – its would make a great venue for food and entertainment.

Its a while since we have eaten in but the omelets are very good, and the cheese twists from the coffee shop are always a favourite when peckish!

250 537 4491

Downtown Ganges at 1-121 McPhillips Avenue

Auntie Pestos

Auntie Pestos Salt Spring

Located In Grace Point Square in downtown Ganges, Auntie Pestos feels fresh and light inside and has a patio overlooking the water for warmer weather.

We recommend Auntie Pestos for Spaghetti Carbonara, Lasange (including a great vegetarian version) or any other pasta dish – all their pasta dishes are usually very well done and there is something for all tastes.  They also have a full menu of other entrées and specials but we usually stick to the pasta for good value and great food

This is a personal favorite when we feel like an unplanned treat – the pasta dishes make for an easy choice although I once had poutine topped with braised bison and truffle oil which was one of the best (and most unexpectedly good) starters I have ever had. It was a special, but please please do it again (and let us know when!)

You should go here at least once during your stay on Salt Spring Island.


2104-115 Fulford Ganges Rd, Salt Spring Island, B.C. V8K 2T9