These are the people we buy from – and support – at Cosy Woodpecker Cottage. Salt Spring is a small community and we choose local and organic as much as possible.

So if you want to buy something to remind you of your visit – we hope you like them too!

Our Suppliers:

  • Salt Spring Soapworks – Gary and Amber Quiring – Luscious natural Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner.
    BUY/VISIT: At their stores on McPhillips Avenue in Ganges on Salt Spring. Also stores in Victoria, Chemainus and Duncan. Also the Salt Spring Saturday Market and “Old Salty’s” in Ganges, Salt Spring!
  • Elemental Arts – Heidi Van Impe – Vibrant artwork!
    BUY/VISIT: If you like the painting in the living room click here to learn more about Heidi and the painting>>
  • Mount Maxwell Roasters – Lara and John Gossett – Amazing freshly roasted coffees!
    BUY/VISIT: At their farm stand on Cranberry Road on Salt Spring, Country Grocer on Salt Spring and the Salt Spring Saturday Market.
  • Penny’s Pantry – Penny Jones – Bread. Also yummy treats, cafe and much more.
    BUY/VISIT: Penny’s Pantry at 324 Lower Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island.
  • Chorus Frog Farm – Pauline and Rod Martens– Plant starts, homemade bread, eggs.
    BUY/VISIT: At the Farm Stand on Rainbow Road, Salt Spring Island and the Salt Spring Tuesday Farmer’s Market.
  • Natureworks  natural grocery and health food store – Catherine and Ted Bowland – Milk, Butter, Breakfast Cereals, Natural Cleaning Products.
    BUY/VISIT:  Natureworks store on 116 Lower Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island.
  • Ragged Azz Ranch – Eggs – also on Stark’s Rd. Why not pick some up to take home?

Other Friends We Love to Support:

  • Love reading? Some of our books came from Barnaby and Cheyenne Goh at Black Sheep Books – check out their store at Grace Point Square in Ganges on Salt Spring for awesome finds! Collectibles, unique gifts, gently used current paperbacks or your latest bookclub read – at a great price! That’s recycling in the best possible way!
  • Cheyenne Goh also makes fantastic handbags, purses, ipod sleeves and more – all from upcycled tweed jackets! Look for Chey on the Salt Spring Saturday Market. ALSO – if you like our Woodpecker Guest Book – check out Chey’s beautiful collection of journals and journal covers!
  • Melva Geldreich of  Soap Garden Soap. I love the “Wild Blackberry”. Look for Melva at the Salt Spring Saturday Market.
  • Molly Wilson and Zack Hemstreet of Bullock Lake Farm. Get eggs from the farm at 360 Upper Ganges Road or flowers, eggs, in-season fruits and veggies at the Salt Spring Saturday Market (or stay with them if we’re booked or you have extra guests you’d like to bring with you!)
  • The lovely Belinda Schroeder – for when the gardening gets too much for us!