Heidi Van Impe

Heidi Van Impe is one of our local Salt Spring artists and her colourful work reflects the vibrancy and beauty that is Salt Spring.

The inspiration for her artwork draws from the beauty of nature, specifically exploring the relationship of the four elements; earth, wind, fire and water.

Her work can be found in the Salt Spring Gallery of Fine Art in Ganges, in her Elemental Arts Studio near Vesuvius or online at www.heidivanimpe.com



About Crowns of the Sun By Heidi Van Impe

Oil 36 X 48

Last summer I planted fifty sunflowers, with at least five different varieties, from the huge “Titan” giants to the dark red “Moulin Rouge”. It was with intense pleasure I watched these sunflowers glow against the blue sky for all the world looking like licks of fire igniting the Heavens. ($1100)