Hiking Salt Spring - Mount Maxwell

DSC03004 Its been a long time since I have been up here (and a trip back is long overdue).  Unlike Mount Erskine you don’t have to walk to the top, but driving up the last section of gravel road takes a certain amount of effort (and a certain disregard for your car….) depending on when it was last patched up!

To get up there take Cranberry Road (the park is signposted from Fulford-Ganges road just south of Ganges) and follow it all the way up to the top of mountain!  Park at the end and basically you follow the trail from the car park and it takes you round a series of amazing viewpoints and loops back round to the access road.  There are all sorts of (probably unofficial) side trails and other ways to get up the mountain.  I will try to get back up there and explore, and comments from others are welcome.

There is more information on the BC Parks Site with some info on where the trails are, and some other great nature information here.


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