When is a hummingbird feeder not a hummingbird feeder?


When its a sap-sucker feeder!  As you know we called our Salt Spring cottage Cosy Woodpecker for a reason – because we see all of our native woodpeckers around the property.  However normally we only see the sap sucker fairly infrequently – in the winter when its cold.  They tend to hang out at higher elevations but when the temperature drops the sap in the trees up there gets too hard, and the red-headed sap-sucker is unable to live up to their name.  And so they come down to lower levels and we see them pecking at our trees.

So we were surprised to hear the distinctive peeeep in the garden and see the sap-sucker on our nut feeder.  But we were even more surprised to see it hanging from the hummingbird feeder.    Then we realized – we often complain about having to clean the ants out of the feeder – they just can’t resist that sticky sugar solution and soon find their way down the pole and into the feeder.  But now the sap-sucker is cleaning it for us – hanging off the feeder snacking on the (probably sugar coated) ants – yum!

So if you have a problem with ants in your humming bird feeder – just recruit a friendly local sap-sucker.

And if you want to come and see ours we would love to see you at our Salt Spring Island Accommodation – Cosy Woodpecker Cottage!